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The Mission

We meet you wherever you are in your process towards a sustainable future to provide you with the best suitable product and support you as a textile brand or wholesaler to connect more to the rapid changes in our world as climate change and inequality by creating more transparency and connection.


We support you to contribute to our industry towards a sustainable future in creating more human-centered approaches and transparency.

How we add value


To us it is a logical equation to create a safe space to empower people, live their authority with their potential and create in the long-run systematic change in this industry in cultivating human-centered approaches. 


The added value for you as a textile brand is that you get closer to where the product is produced, you get the opportunity to meet the people, meet the facilities and make this part of your own story.

We are creating the connection and community together, which will create and deepen the connection to your end-customer. We all keep learning how the products are being made, who is involved and give textiles the value back it deserves.


This part of transparency will benefit your end-customer relationship in creating stronger and long-retaining relationships that will also lead into a revenue increase in the end. It is a holistic and integrated approach to create systematic change in a rapidly changing world that faces fundamental challenges of inequality and climate change. This change won’t be happening over night but we commit to live our life worthwhile every day in sticking to our core human values in our daily actions. This is an evolving process that never stops as our world does not stop evolving and changing. To us this means we need to stay dynamic, agile and adaptive to meet our world’s needs. At the same time staying sane and calm to be at our best potential to act kindly and from the heart to take decisions that are honest, authentic, close to our values and putting the people over the process. 

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