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Shared Values


People over Process 

People are treated as human-beings with their individual needs, in different periods of time. Processes are important but serve as a support of people and not the other way around. 

Openness and Honesty 

To build trust and being authentic, we need to cultivate an open and honest conversation. Due to cultural differences, this creates sometimes a challenge but is not impossible. Never forget - we are human beings and connect through communication with each other. 

Movement over Still-Standing 

Every step is important and creates change and transformation. Making mistakes is something to celebrate since we learn new things from it every day and integrate it into a new reality. 

Empowerment over Teaching 

We all carry so much wisdom, knowledge and power inside. To find out own talents and skills and unleash one's potential, we give it space in empowerment and cheering for each other, rather than ordering and teaching from top-down. In the end we only know what we know and we only know we do not know but the part we do not know about we do not know will stay a mystery if we do not give it the space to reveal itself to us to learn more and develop further . 

Quality over Quantity 

The eye for the detail is important for a high-quality and product that we are proud of to leave our production companies. Nobody wants low-quality products in the end; we all want to wear quality on the skin that feels good, looks great and underlines the uniqueness of our own personalities and wraps us on this journey of life. 

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