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Towards a 


Textile Industry

Our mission is to meet you wherever you are as a textile brand or wholesaler and support you on the way to become more sustainable and contribute in a meaningful way to the textile industry. We take care of finding the best suitable production partners in Turkey and create transparency in this complex supply chain. Onur, Ugur and Tine are friends that have been running a textile brand together as well as a production company in Istanbul. With Onur and Ugur's years of textile experience and Tine's experiences of New Work approaches as self-management, purpose-driven leadership approaches and the different background stories and cultures, the friends are on a mission to create a more inclusive, human-centred and transparent supply chain.

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Current Needs.

We meet you where you are and walk with you the way of development and progression. 


A System Change.

We thrive for a systematic change in the textile industry for equality and giving textiles its value back.

Shared Values

Be you.

We share strong core human values and live that in our daily actions. 

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